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Veterinary care and services

All prevalent soft part surgeries (castrations, intestinal obstructions, tumor- and stone removal, caesareans, etc.) are performed at our clinic.
Clinical diagnostics and therapy of internal diseases such as e.g. diabetes, heart problems, kidney and liver diseases, endocrine diseases and many more. Course of diseases, success of therapies and drug adjustments can be continuously monitored.
such as removal of tartar, polishing teeth, and if needed, extraction of teeth and removal of the root of the tooth.
of patients needing intensive care. When possible, we like to send your animal home with you - it feels much safer and better there and usually gets well sooner.

There are many questions concerning the diet, keeping of the animal and health care regarding our pets - we look forward to discussing these issues with you, answering your questions and giving you advice. There are also many questions before you get a pet:

  • which pet is good for me (breed, size, temper and spirit)
  • can I in good conscience keep the pet only inside the house
  • can I meet the needs of the pet
  • how do I train my dog correctly
  • etc.
We will inform you before you get a new member of the family, that way future disappointments can be avoided.
Many illnesses can be treated (supportively or exclusively) well with homeopathic medicines - we set a high value along this line of veterinary medicine, which usually yields great results with older or chronically ill patients without additionally burdening the organism.
Comprehensive cooperation with specialized clinics and laboratories, if certain clinical pictures necessitate this, naturally with your, the pet owner's, agreement and consent! This is to ensure the ideal treatment and therapy for your pet.
can be done by request. Please understand that an exact examination and diagnosis can only be done at the clinic, since the diagnosis equipment is only available there. House calls can be agreed upon, however, for necessary after-care or euthanasia.
At our clinic we bill at the basic rate of the fee schedule for veterinarians. Only services for emergencies outside of our opening hours, on Sundays and holidays as well as at night are billed at double the rate. Issuing a detailed invoice and billing is possible after a solvency check - otherwise we ask for cash payment.